Frequently Asked Questions

How do I come prepared for my treatments?

Loose-fitting clothing is recommended for treatment sessions so that acupuncture points can be accessed easily and comfortably.  Also, it is best to avoid eating a heavy meal right before your session, or being very hungry.  Please bring your completed paperwork to your first session.   



What can I expect at my first visit?

Treatment begins with the practitioner taking a detailed intake of the patient’s medical history and current symptoms, examining the patient’s pulse, tongue, and abdomen, determining a diagnosis and treatment plan and discussing this plan with the patient.  The practitioner then inserts hair-thin needles (sterile and disposable) at specific points along the meridians.  Many people are surprised to find that insertion of the needles is nearly painless and that treatments feel deeply relaxing.  Other techniques, such as Chinese herbal, dietary, and lifestyle recommendations, may be included in a treatment session.  Initial treatments last approximately one and a half hours, and follow-ups one hour. 

How many treatments will I need to help my condition?

This can vary quite a bit, depending on how long the person has had the condition, what type of condition it is, how advanced it is, and the overall health of the person.  For acute situations (common cold, recent injury) a few treatments may be all that is needed to resolve the symptoms, while for a chronic condition more treatments will most likely be needed to effect a lasting change.  Generally, for an ongoing health issue, it is recommended to come for treatment weekly for 6-8 weeks, and then re-assess the treatment plan from there based on the response to treatment.      

How much does a treatment cost?

The fee for the initial visit (1.5 hours) is $100.  The fee per follow-up acupuncture treatment (1 hour) is $75–$85 sliding scale.  Everyone’s financial situation is different, so place yourself on the scale wherever it feels appropriate for you, and feel free to adjust in either direction, within the range, if your circumstances change.  The cost of any Chinese herbs is separate. 

Will insurance cover my acupuncture treatments?

Some insurance companies will reimburse for acupuncture treatment under certain circumstances.  It is best to inquire with your specific provider to determine what the coverage is, if any.  We do not bill insurance directly, but if you do have coverage, our office will provide you with any necessary documentation to get reimbursed.